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Does Anybody Ever Really Make Money Online?

The first thing people say when you tell them you want to work at home on your computer is:

1. Are you crazy? Nobody makes money online. You’re just going to lose money trying to learn how to make money online.

2. Don’t bother, the only people making money online are the people selling the “How to Make Money Online Books.”

In addition, they say, it’s way too risky, 95% of the businesses fail.

And you know what? That is true. But here are a couple of other facts. People do make money online, a lot of it. It’s in the billions as a matter of fact:

“According to the U.S. Census Bureau, total Internet e-commerce sales for 2008 were $133.7 billion. Additionally, according to PricewaterhouseCooper LLP, for the year 2008, there was a total of $23.4 billion generated by Internet advertising.”

So the money is there.

And speaking of risk? There is very little to none. It’s just the opposite. The big risk is in the brick and mortar world.

Think about it, the amount of money you have to invest for advertising, rent and education is staggering.

My daughter-in-law is a bookkeeper making an average paycheck and she had to go to school for two years just to get a better than average job. Later, when she got her B.A., she made a lot more money, but that was another two years and thousands of dollars later.

Not only that, she still had to work for someone before she could start her own business, plus it took quite some time. And that’s because the competition is fierce. It’s just as tough as online–it doesn’t matter what business–nails, massage, photography, music etc.

But here’s the thing, it’s less risky in the online world–no rent to speak of, and advertising plus marketing-you do it all yourself, that’s part of the learning process.

If you’ve got start-up money, better yet, you can outsource it. That’s the big thing today. But beware if you outsource it before you know how to do it yourself. You just might not know how to manage someone else doing it for you.

Why not take the time to learn marketing?

So here it is, I’ll get right down to it: The three ways for you to learn how to make money. That’s right, I said learn how to make money, not make money.

If you make money, good, but the point is to learn how to get the infrastructure in place and practice doing it until you’re successful. It may take a few times until you get the hang of it.

But I want to add a small caveat here: and that is to put an emphasis on trying different strategies and making mistakes.


Because you’ll learn faster. Not only learn faster, but you will get used to self-correcting more often. And that will make the road to success faster and easier.

With practice, there will come a time when you will learn how to advertise, market and sell your product or service. But beware; there is a long learning curve here. Take your time, make mistakes and learn along the way.

Now, for those things you can do to make money.

1. Sell the junk you have in your attic and back yard on eBay. That’s right, you’ve got a digital camera, the info is free–get going.

2. If you like to write, take pictures or draw, why not sell that service? Check Google for the services you are passionate about. You’d be surprised at how many there are. And yes, you’ll have to work for a lot less until you get established but there isn’t much of a risk there either, since you’re not putting money into the business.

3. Sell other peoples’ products. This is a very good way to make money for people who like to shop. Essentially, you talk about why you like the product and you’d be surprised how many people will be drawn in to you. Resellers or affiliate marketers make good money too. Some, make as high as 50 to 60 per cent.

Most of all, what you want to do is listen, read and watch videos to learn how to market and advertise. You can get an invaluable education online–for free–don’t underestimate it.

Even if your first project fails–and it most likely will–you are learning. And if you are sincere and keep trying, sooner or later you will sell a product. And when you do, you’ll have the recipe to sell another one. Or better yet, start another line of products.

And here’s the best part: you can do it in relative obscurity. Taking rejection person to person is brutal.

Use the same learning process for building lists, emailing, and writing ads etc. There’s a lot there, but it’s doable if you want it bad enough. Once you have it, you know how to take a product or service – any time -and launch a successful campaign.

And how good is that?

What kind of an education is that? What kind of security is that? What kind of success is that?

But most of all what kind of person are you now?

Quick recap:

1. People really make money online (in the billions).

2. Making money online is less risky than making it offline.

3. The learning curve for making money online is not difficult but it does require a long time to set up the infrastructure and practice the marketing strategies.

4. Once you get this learning down though, it’s good for life. You can do it again and again. It’s true financial independence.

5. Not only will you be enriched materially, you will also be enriched knowing you are your own boss calling all the shots.

Enough said. So what are you waiting for?

Causes and Prevention of Lifestyle Diseases – Everyone Should Know

There is an old saying, “Prevention is better than cure”; but the truth lies within us, it takes no rise from other outward things. Today’s modern hi-tech life is all about comforts but at the same time it also accounts for the sheer rise in various lifestyle diseases. When we talk about life disease, we must talk about skin and orthopedic diseases for sure of the present day. It accounts for the purpose of epidemic proportions of the cases, such as obesity, diabetes, stroke, cardio-vascular diseases, arteriosclerosis, headache, tension, anxiety, hypertension and other disorders that we generally find in our clinics and also all around us.

Common Lifestyle – The Cause of Lifestyle Diseases

People talk all around, why lifestyle diseases and what are the relations of these diseases with our common lifestyle habit and so on. Here in this article we have discussed the causes and prevention of lifestyle diseases that fully or partially related to our common lifestyle habit.

Lifestyle diseases are some diseases that are an outcome of the way we normally lead our day-to-day lives. The concept is increase every day that is – more and more work and no play, basically makes a man prone of various diseases, couple of physical ailments as well as emotional issues. These diseases are developed as an outcome of:

  • The type of task we do on a regular basis.
  • The environmental factors that are related to our living conditions.
  • The environment, we work most of the time in a day.
  • The food we eat every day.
  • Our habit for exercises or workout.
  • Mental and/or physical stress.

Lifestyle diseases account for a greater number of diseases or illnesses that are very common all across the globe, some of the diseases are:

  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Headache
  • Anxiety
  • Hypertension
  • Allergies
  • Heart issues
  • Depression
  • Alzheimer
  • Backache and more

Since it is proved that these diseases are an outcome of lifestyle selections or the choice we generally make to live our life, which contribute a variety of factors that are closely related to:

  • Improper diet.
  • Inadequate sleep or sleeplessness.
  • Poor body posture movement.
  • Disruption the body biological clock.
  • Improper lifestyle selections.
  • Insanitary living environment and other environmental conditions that are totally or partially related to occupational diseases.

How to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases

One of the most important things, or better to say a good thing for these lifestyle diseases is that whether you do something about the diseases, it is possible to reverse the same condition, here we have enlisted some important things that you can easily do to prevent these diseases.

  • Eat proper healthy diet.
  • Try to do workout or exercise every day, may be 20-30 minutes.
  • Make good habit of sleeping.
  • Start and finish your work in time.
  • Try to avoid unhealthy foods that are high in fats, sugar or other refined products.

While day by day our lifestyle becoming more and more convenient. There are certainly no classy about the lifestyle diseases, the majority of people these days are suffering all over the world. Most of the time we pay a high-price for lifestyle diseases, but we do not maintain those easy things that can prevent us from diseases or to live a disease free life.

Ways to Organize a Multi-Family Vacation Travel Plan

Many a times it does happen that the family members are quite close to each other, yet due to various reasons such as careers, in-laws or personal preferences, it becomes difficult to find time to meet each other. The increasing busier lives of the people has made it extremely hard to make get together a reality and the rising cost for travel is also one of the major reasons for this. It is important to understand that once you are offered the chance of a family get together, you need to make the maximum use of this opportunity. All you require to achieve this is a little bit of upfront planning and then everything will fall into place.

The best times to plan together a family travel plan is during Thanksgiving and the Fall and Winter breaks. Most of the commonly visited spots get filled up fast and when you are on a multifamily vacation, there is no doubt that there maybe more than a dozen participants and thus availability will pose as a big issue in such matters. Keeping in mind, all the problems and possibilities, the following tips have been put together to help you come out with the right multi-family vacation travel plan for you and your family.

  1. Make one person as the in charge of the vacation – This way one responsible person can coordinate different aspects of the family vacation with each other. While each of the members will be responsible for their own itineraries, but there will be one person who will look after the master schedule of the travel plan. In this manner, decisions can be made quickly without much delays and all the members will have a central point of contact which will reduce the confusion and malaise during vacation time.
  2. Early decision on the dates, location and the venue is important – The part of deciding on the venue is the tough task as each of the members has their own likes and dislikes. Taking the opinion of the majority of the members is the best way of planning the trip. Also, each family member has their own budget restriction and thus putting together the family travel plan involves paying great attention to all these fine details.
  3. Choosing the accommodations – Finalizing the kind of accommodations is extremely crucial in the travel plan. Depending on the average budget of each of the group members, you can either decide to go in for a villa rental or cruise or hotels and resorts.

What Makes Online Education a Better Option For You?

Nowadays, pursuing a degree through online education is common, and the value of online degree from a proper accredited university or college is equally weight than the traditional campus-based degree. With both campus-based degree and online education you have more options to choose from if you want to earn a degree for you career advancement. Online education has many advantages that can benefit its students, but it may not be a good option for all students; then what makes online education a better option for you?

Here a 5 signs that an online education might be a better option for you:

1. You want to continue your current job while pursuing a degree

In order to success in both work and study, you need to have a good time management that helps you to stay focus in both tasks. Online education will make it easier for you if you are the person who does not want to give up your paycheck while earning a degree for better career future. The advantages of online education that allows it students to have the most flexible learning environment can benefit a working individual and plan your times that best fit into both work and study.

2. You are managing multiple time commitments Online education helps to cut down wasted time in traveling to and from school while providing flexible scheduling that can enables you to fully utilize your time. If you are a person with full of time commitments with multiple working around obligations, you will appreciate the anytime, anywhere access of the virtual classroom. Online education will be a better option for you if you have such working obligations while you study:

  • Frequent traveling for job assignment
  • Unfixed working schedule / work on shift
  • Involve in project-based work that need long working hour
  • Need to take care of your children after work hours

3. You are a visual learner Traditional campus-based learning style is more emphasis on auditory activities such as lectures and oral discussions while online education learning style is mostly in visual learning format that involves reading, writing with various visual aids found in virtual classroom. Hence, if you prefer to “read and learn” than “listen and learn” type of style, an online education learning environment will be a better option for you.

4. You are self-motivated “Self-motivation” is the key factor to a success online study. Online classes allow you to logon to the class at anytime and remain in the online class for the duration you prefer, nobody will push at your back to urge you complete you projects or assignments. You may move through the material at your own pace, passing quickly on the area you already familiar with and spending more time to understand new concepts. If you equip with a good “self-motivation” characteristic, then you should have no problem in completing an online education program which makes it a better option for you.

5. You are interest in a specialized degree not available locally One of the most compelling reasons to opt for online education is you can earn your dream degree offered by any of university in the world as long as the university offers online degree programs. Distance is not an issue for online education because you can reach it with mouse clicks no matter how far it is located from your place. The online education will become a better option for you when the degree you are interested in is not available locally.


Earning a degree online can have many advantages over the traditional campus-based education. It will become your better education option if the advantages of online education can benefit you while helping you to achieve your education goal in a better way.